Bea, a director of the firm, heads up the Conveyancing and Deceased Estates Departments. Bea’s analytical and structured approach means that the property law environment suits her well. Bea is intimately involved with the management of Weich & Kriel Inc. She oversees the office administration and manages human resources.

The correlation between estate planning, the administration of deceased estates and the field of conveyancing allows Bea to provide a holistic service to her clients, most of whom she knows well and has established a trusting relationship with over numerous years. In addition to property and estates, Bea assists clients in establishing inter vivos trusts, and accepts appointments as independent trustee to these trusts.

Accountancy was Bea’s major subject during her B.Com, which she finds to be to her advantage in the planning and administration of estates. She also obtained a certificate in Deceased Estates Practice in November 2008, which was presented by the Law Society of South Africa and underwritten by UNISA (year course).

Early in her career, Bea was employed as a public prosecutor for four years. She prosecuted in the Regional Court, where she obtained criminal litigation experience. Thereafter she accepted a post as financial director of a private company, where she gained six years’ experience as an administrative manager. She has also acted as an assessor in a High Court criminal trial, which involved murder charges based on contract killings in the taxi industry.

Bea is actively involved in her community and is a founding member of the Pongola Helping Hand Study Fund, a non-profit enterprise which financially assists in the tertiary education of students. She is also involved in the Pongola Children’s Care Group, with the aim of improving the lives of children in the community, from providing meals, medical care, clothing and shelter, to assisting with the provision of life skills. In her spare time, Bea enjoys exploring new places and cultures and likes camping holidays with her family.